Formal gardens bring order and beauty to the landscape. They are usually symmetric and have a focal point like a bird bath.

White Peacocks
195 L$
Peacock couple
250 L$
Set: bird bath with animated birds
295 L$
Set with doves & fountain
295 L$
White swans family
195 L$
Pond set with white swans
395 L$
Garden with pond & butterflies
250 L$
Free as a Bird Set
Japanese green pheasants, Gazebo, and table for two - 295 L$
Hummingbird bush
250 L$
Pond set with otters, fish
395 L$
Pond set with cats, goldfish
295 L$
Zen Pond - set with koi & heron
495 L$
Pond set with Koi & kingfisher
395 L$
Gold fish pond Set
Includes gold fish in 6 texture variants & pond with waterfall - 160 L$
Formal gold fish pond
Pond includes floor lights and circling gold fish - 100 L$
Black swans
125 L$
Dragon's Gate Set
Includes animated dragons & gate - 350 L$
Pondset with swans, spider, scorpion
395 L$
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