We are here to help | If you cannot find an answer in the FAQ list below, please send us your question using the contact form at the bottom. We will try and respond to you in-world within 1-2 days.

Re-delivery / failed delivery

In-world purchase: For items bought in 2020 and onwards you can visit our re-delivery terminal in the member area of the Mainstore. For items bought before 2020, please forward a notecard with a copy of your transaction history to True Redrose. Marketplace purchase: You can initiate a re-delivery of items with copy permissions. Please log on to your account on │T│L│C│Marketplace: 'My account' > 'My order history' > click the invoice record of the item > click 'Redeliver item'. In case you experience issues, you can also forward a notecard with a copy of the Marketplace transaction to True Redrose. Thank you.

Custom work - can you do a certain animal?

Our sincere apologies.... We are unable to commit to any custom work. Please don't consider us rude if we will not respond to your request regarding a certain animal you would like us to create. We are regularily participating at events and are therefore usually tied up in creating exclusive items which sometimes require a certain theme or have to fit a Season. Of course, you can always submit a suggestion (best by using the contact form available at the bottom of the webpage), and we may consider your request at one of the next events :)

Gacha policy

Our sincere apologies... Our gacha item permissions are set to transfer. We are therefore not able to refund, re-deliver or exchange any gacha items. For the same reason we cannot help with gacha items that you have purchased on Marketplace or from in-world gacha re-sellers. We usually sell gacha items at a lower price than copyable, modifyable items. We will therefore not exchange a gacha item for an item with copy modify permissions. The same conditions, rules and terms apply for gacha re-sellers. Thank you for your understanding.

Blogging for │T│L│C│

Thank you so much for your interest in │T│L│C│. We appreciate the support of our bloggers a great deal - they are the face behind │T│L│C│, our brand ambassadors. We usually have a blogger search once a year, which is posted on Flickr. In case you would like to connect to stay informed, please use this link to the │T│L│C│ Flickr account

Store policy

We value our customers, without YOUR support we wouldn't be able to do what we enjoy most! If for any reason you experience a problem, please contact us. You can either use the Contact form on this webpage or send a notecard to True Redrose in-world. We usually respond within 1-2 days, or at least let you know by when you can expect an answer. We want you to be happy with the items you buy. Therefore, please, before you purchase, visit our In-world store to view the demos.

Gift - how to buy an animal / a gift card for a friend

There are 3 options: 1) Our vendors allow to buy a product (except gacha items) for another person by clicking the 'Buy as gift' button on the vendors. Simply follow the prompts. Best: with this option you will earn 10% as store credit for every gift purchase you make, when wearing your group tag. To select the correct recipient, please enter the avatar key. You can find the avatar key on the avatar's profile window, below the avatar name. Please copy the key and paste it into the pop up window. Not really sure which product to gift? 2) Alternatively, you can also purchase transferable gift cards at the 'Buy gift cards' terminal in the Welcome area of the Mainstore and add store credit. Please note that store credit cannot be used at gacha machines. After you have forwarded the gift card to your friend, they can redeem the gift card (at the 'Redeem gift cards' terminal in the Welcome area). Afterwards, your friend can purchase items from any vendor (except gacha items), and pay the vendors by using the 'Use store credit' button. 3) Furthermore, Marketplace also offers the option to 'Add to cart as gift' at the time you select the item: │T│L│C│Marketplace Please make sure you select the correct avatar, i.e. use their full avatar name (not display name), and to select 'Resident', if needed. We can unfortunately not refund purchases that were delivered to the wrong recipient.

Help with set up (e.g. swimming area, flying area)

Step-by-step instructions for animals requiring set-up (e.g. flying area, swimming area) are provided in the notecard in your box. In case you find a video tutorial more helpful, these are available on the │T│L│C│Marketplace. A video link is available below the respective product description. You can also search for a certain product video from the list of available videos on the │T│L│C│ YouTube Channel. Of course, in case these resources don't help, you can always contact us, either by using the Contact form at the bottom, or by writing a notecard to True Redrose.

Do you sell Full Permission animals?

Our sincere aplogies... The creation of full-perm products is a specialised market and one we try to avoid. We will also not change permissions on any products, for example gacha items. The administrative work would be simply too high. Thank you for your understanding.


In case you made a double purchase of a copyable product, you can either contact us using the Contact form below or send a notecard to True Redrose to receive a refund. Please specify the product, the date of purchase, and where you made your purchase (Marketplace or In-world store). Unfortunately, we cannot refund any gacha items or products with 'transfer' permissions.

TLC Animals Mainstore

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